Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Musings from the Heart of Confusion and Disappointment

Have you ever wondered why life has to be so complicated and suffocating with all of its rules and regulations? Why it has to be so confusing each time it takes the wrong turn after we have done our best and tied all the loose ends? To be honest with you, I really don’t have an answer to those questions that I am posing in front you. I am just surprised and greatly confused while I am trying to make sense of the way things go on.

You can really tell that I have missed the 9 o’clock shuttle to cloud 9 from this post, however; I’d like to think that I am not the only one who was passed over by this shuttle despite the peachy appearance that everyone puts on their face and their insistence to keep on trucking as if life has been their faithful friend who never backstabbed them in their back. I am not trying to portray myself as victim here of this sordid reality but I am really fed up with how things are, whether it was on the professional side or the personal side of life. In certain moments, I wish that I am being controlled by my animalistic instincts then I will be feeling free from all of the expectations and norms that are weaved by a community of vacant decorum and a schizophrenic identity.

After reflecting on the idea of animals and their instincts, I am beginning to embrace the idea that animals are the only creatures roaming this world which managed to retain their true innocence and honesty towards their kind and those who are not, unlike us human beings who are inclined to shed fragments of our innocence and honesty in order to achieve our so called goals and ambitions. If you seem to disagree with this idea, tell me, have you have ever seen a bird of prey patting the back of a poor rabbit and smiling in its face before snatching it from nowhere when it is least expected? I am sure that your answer will be no and if it was a yes, then allow me to say that you must be living in the fantasy world of Lewis Carol’s Alice in the Wonderland.

Why do humanity tends to do this, aren’t we supposed to be a group of intellectual beings who live by a common code of ethics that guarantees the welfare of all? Why are we such huge fans of baring malice to all and crushing everyone in order to achieve any of our aims and goals? Sometimes, I really wonder if we are capable of fair play at all. Why are we being more and more barbaric in our behavior with each other as we move further in life instead of being more intellectual and civilized? I really wonder does it really worth crushing and backstabbing everyone for the sake of success? And I wonder…..?


  1. Totally agree. Modern life in a nutshell...

  2. thanks for reading my blog mate. but where is the modernity in life amidst this chaos and unrighteousness that is going on?

  3. I am not sure it is a reflection of 'modern' life, humans' history is filled with backstabbing, bloodshed and treachery. It goes hand and hand with ambition, and that's the good side of it. Sometimes it just about malice and ill intentions. However that doesn't dictate the need to either succumb or conform. If you don't want to be associated with it, keep your eyes open, brush it off your back when it happens and as they say here in the UK keep calm and carry on.