Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Rainy Morning

There he stood at the bus stop waiting for the early bus to get to work. There he said to himself: “Those were a good 15 minutes that I could never get back!” He then drifted into his imagination forgetting the pouring rain that has been soaking him, painting a picture of his boss reacting to his story; keeping in his mind he has passed his deadline to hand in a presentation that he has been working on. No matter what the scenario that he played, all the waters of the river poured in one lake, termination.

The Bus finally came after 15 minutes of waiting in the raging ,desolate ,stormy city road under the pouring rain that seemed to him an eternity spent at hell. Reluctantly, he raised one foot at a time on the bus step; his feet were a pile of heavy steal that could be barely moved. With his head down, sunken deep in this vortex of antagonizing despair he gets in to the bus. Glancing around to find an empty seat to place his lifeless body in, he could not find any. All the seats were full; they were occupied with empty, lifeless and faceless people. There he took his place standing at the cold corner of the bus’s end.

“I am dead, l will lose my job”, that was everything that has been going through his mind. Nothing could ever change his broken state of mind, absolutely nothing. But it seemed that the weather has suddenly changed, he felt the smooth touch of the sun rays going through his face. The sky has never been clearer or bluer. He felt his heart beat again, the sound of his heart beating; the warmth of the pulsating blood rushing in his veins has brought him back to life. Yet he was the only one onboard who could feel those magical sensations.

All of that has happened when she came in to the bus, with her pretty smile drawn on her sweet face in the shiniest hue of rose and her fair gleaming face that looked like the moon in a calm, serene summer’s night. The rain drops dripping from her light brown hair were as the soft drops of dew on the petals of a divine daisy from the Garden of Eden. It felt as if the sun with its majestical warmth has been dragged into this once cold and dreary bus. To him she was the most beautiful painting in the whole wide world whose artistry has surpassed all those great works of art.

Now it was spring, he was in this enchanted courtyard where no one was there except the two. There she was standing, clothed in a pure white dress in the middle of the heavenly garden. Everything that had been going through his mind about his job and that presentation has mystically vanished. The eternal cold and monstrous forest where he had exiled himself to has turned into a fairytale garden.

However, he was aware of the fact that he has to get back to reality. Moving away from that garden, away from that angel. Full of the warmth of life, a divine peace of mind he steps down form the bus. On his way to the office, his eyes spotted an unusual graffiti painted on a nearby wall quoting a verse written by John Keats that said “A thing of beauty is a joy forever”. Upon reading that simple yet meaningful verse which carried a message that a thousand poets have failed to capture, a true genuine smile of joy and appreciation has found its place on his face. And there he went in.


  1. Very nice.. I actually felt I was on that bus watching this little story, looking at these two people, not just reading !
    Keep up the great Job :)

  2. Thank you so much, i really appreciate your nice words.

  3. Way to go man... I never knew you had it in you... l'm really looking forward for the rest of the story...

  4. Hey Mohammad, glad to know that you liked it :) but i am afraid to tell you that the rest is not coming :P i intended it to be this way.

  5. Bravo Amjad!!! am so proud of you :) keep it up, love what you called your blog and the story you posted... cant wait for your next one...

  6. Thank you Sally so much, glad that you liked the post. i totally appreciate it. Thank you!

  7. Great work mate, a piece of art! I thoroughly enjoyed it, I'll be looking forward to your next post..